In the laboratory in its site in Gyöngyös, PORFESTÉK Kft. undertakes the comprehensive mechanical and corrosion examination of coatings:

In launching a series of custom tests, we offer complete corrosion tests (base metal corrosion, scratch corrosion, over-corrosion, blistering) in our Erichsen equipment, in which there is a possibility of performing tests in neutral, acidic and alkaline environments.

To stimulate an increased exposure to the environment, we examine the sample plates in an Erichsen UV chamber, where we combine a xenon lamp light current of 550 W/sq m intensity with periodic water inundation.

With our mobile equipment, we can perform a furnace diagnosis on your premises. We record the temperature of the object with a Data Paq instrument during the entire cycle of the baking process.

Using a Testo infrared thermometer, we measure the surface temperature of the work pieces and record them in the course of the furnace diagnosis. Furthermore, we can also perform the aforementioned mechanical measurements with immediate assessment upon our customers' order.

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