Brine test

Brine test


In the course of the brine test, we examine the resistance of coatings against increased stress. During the measurement processes, our laboratory is able to perform scratch corrosion, base metal corrosion, blister damage and through-rusting tests. In the 120 litre Erichsen brine chamber in our Gyöngyös site, we are able to perform the entire portfolio of current standard procedures on our clients' orders.

There is also possibility to perform the tests on sample plates and on specific workpieces alike. In the course of the corrosion tests, we prepare a solution with a NaCl content of 5 w/w% and we set its pH value according to the standards. Our clients may freely choose the duration of tests, which can extend from 100 to 2500 hours.

Recommended application:

We recommend this test in all cases where workpieces applied in corrosive media are produced. In the course of the test, it is possible to create different acidic and alkaline environments with various temperatures and their combinations.

The results of the brine test can be used effectively by partners on those areas of the building industry, the products of which are used on façades (doors and windows) or in the outside (fences, gates, railings). Moreover, we recommend the performance of corrosion tests to every machinery manufacturer the products of which are used in agriculture, in the building industry, or in other areas. Manufacturers of garden furniture from metal indispensably meet corrosive stress; therefore, the performance of the brine test is practical in this segment as well, supporting the sales. During the procedure, we examine the parts of the workpiece or the sample plates as well, where the base material of the tested object does not matter.

With the equipment on the image, we also perform "non-standard" custom measurements as well, where it is possible to combine brine spray and wet mist injection.

We continuously record the measurements on computer, from which we make a log to present the results. With our equipment, we undertake examination upon booking depending on the availability of the equipment. For more information, please call +36 37 505050 or send an e-mail to

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