Service and logistics

Goods service

At our location in Gyöngyös, we work with 0-24 hour service. Just let us know when you're coming and we'll be there!
Make an appointment by calling 37/50-50-50 or by e-mail at

Delivery services

Whole boxed shipments.
Fulfillment on the working day following the subject day.
We can accept your delivery orders every working day of the week until 18:00.
Ask for our price list at 37/50-50-50 or at the e-mail address
Individually packaged shipments.

Unpacked according to individual wishes (up to 1-24 kg per whole kilogram).

For orders sent in writing no later than 16:30 every working day, we undertake to unpack the goods on the same day and, if necessary, to deliver them to any locality in the entire country on the following business day, according to the price table below.

Weight Packaging Shipping fee Unpacking fee Note
Under 20 kg gyári kicsomagolás 1200 Ft + VAT    
Under 20 kg bontott doboz 1200 Ft + VAT    
0,5 kg porkóstoló Free of charge Free of charge  
1-19 kg kicsomagolás
H-Cs 18-ig, P 16:45-ig
Free of charge 1980 + VAT  
  második kicsomagolás Free of charge 500 Ft + VAT Same delivery for different item numbers.
  harmadik kicsomagolás Free of charge 400 Ft + VAT
  negyedik kicsomagolás Free of charge 300 Ft + VAT
  ötödik kicsomagolás Free of charge 200 Ft + VAT
  hatodik kicsomagolás Free of charge 100 Ft + VAT
  hetedik ill. több kicsomagolás Free of charge Free of charge
  2 egész doboz kb. 40-50 kg
porfesték vásárlása után a
  Free of charge


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