About us


Team Porfestek consider the importance of following the needs of our extant and potential customers in every subfield of the powder coating technology. That's the reason we intent on the continuous developing & expending and these are also keep this family business going on in the market for almost 20 years now. We are the leader distributor of the powder coating industry in Hungary. We are ready to satisfy the special needs of our clients with a wide range of products. We have the largest stock availability in Central Europe, which consist of more than 100 tons and 500 different types of powder coatings. Since we have been constantly improving our product range, by now, we are the distributor of other technological items of the powder industry, such as technical sprays for metal working, lubricants, paint sprays, powder spraying equipments (Sames), spare parts (Sames), accessories related to powder coating technology, such as hanging systems, hooks, silicone cups, plugs, etc. (Emptmeyer), RAL colour cards and colour design softwares, products related to chemical pretreatment (Henkel, Metalchem), masking tapes, heated-transfer/decoration process on metal (Decoral System), and also measuring meters.

Our customers can be supported by our professional sales-engineers in case of any technical inquiries together with full laboratory services. (We have an own lab suitable for the comprehensive examination of coatings.)

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