UV test

UV test with destruction


In the course of UV tests, we examine the change of coatings to the effect of artificially produced UV light with gradual intensity between 250 and 800 W/m2. In our equipment with a Xenon lamp and several (280, 300, 310 nm) filters, we examine sample plates with a maximum dimension of 280 × 200 mm.

We perform the currently standard procedures in Erichsen equipment. Also, our PLC controlled equipment allow measurements with custom settings. During UV tests with destruction, we perform our tests under dry conditions and combined with water flooding effects. We regularly close our tests with colorimetry and brightness measurement (ISO 2813, ISO 7724), which we record in a log upon order.

Recommended application:

The performance of this test is practical in cases where the user or the client wishes to expose the parts to natural sunshine. The equipment allows the imitation of sunshine intensities of different climatic zones and the rainfall (flooding) in various seasons. We recommend this test in cases where the client and the manufacturer are geographically distant. There may be considerable differences due to the changes in the duration of sunshine between the loads on equipment used in tropical climate or on the seaside. The test is also recommended before the acceptance of strict contractual terms and conditions because it also indicates whether the right powder lacquer raw material has been selected. During the procedure, it is possible to examine sample plates only, where the raw material of the plate to be tested is optional.

We undertake measures upon advance booking, the term of which depends on the availability of the instruments. For further information, please call the +36 37 505050 telephone number or write to info@porfestek.com

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