Impact test

Impact test

In the course of the dropping test, we examine the deformation or breaking of the powder lacquer surfaces as a result of a dynamic load. The surfaces made on the sample plates of standard raw material are loaded with ball weight of 1 kg and 20 mm diameter in accordance with the requirements. The measurement object dropped on the sample plate from increasing heights makes an indent in the shape of a spherical cap. We consider the deformations appropriate as long as there is no crack on the sample plate. The result of the measurement is given by the weight of the measuring object multiplied by the initial height of the measuring weight (Nm).

In the course of the measurements, deformations identical with the following images are created, and the measuring numbers belonging to them give the final result.

Recommended application:

We examine the resistance of coatings made on samples subject to sudden deformation against dynamic loads. The results after the test represent the deformation capability of the coatings. We primarily apply it at the checking of workpieces formed after painting (riveted, perforated, etc.). The results of the measurement refer to the preliminary treatment of the base metal and the appropriateness of the baking of the powder lacquer. This measuring process is suitable only to verify the coating of fine plates or standard sample plates.

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