Furnace diagnostics

Furnace diagnostics

In the course of the measurement, we determine the temperatures of the workpieces in the furnace using feeler sensors. During the measurement, we record the temperature of the object during the entire baking cycle, from which we determine whether the combination of the set baking temperature and the cycle time comply with the requirements of the given powder lacquer. We perform the measurements using a DataPaq 8-channel data recorder, from which 7 measurement points record the temperature of the object and 1 records that of the furnace. A measurement range between 0 and 500 °C and a cycle time between 0 and 300 minutes can be recorded. The measurement accuracy is 0.5 °C.

On the clients' sites, we evaluate the diagrams made from the recorded data, from which we can see the temperature curves belonging to individual points of the workpieces. From this data corpus, we draw conclusions on any baking irregularities and make recommendations for a solution.


Recommended application:

In the course of the measurements, we measure and record the temperature on the surface of the workpieces. We recommend the diagnostics in all cases where the results of mechanical measurements do not meet the expectations and are not identical with the figures on the technical data sheet. Moreover, it is practical to request measurement and assessment after every change in the furnace, let it be a setting of custom temperature or cycle time, or the overhaul of the burners, the geometrical modification of the furnace, or changing the positions of the baffles of the furnace.

The measurement performed in a furnace loaded with new objects is also important before the powder lacquering of custom-made, non-serial workpieces with high thermal inertia to receive feedback about the appropriateness of the new settings. For companies with ISO certification, the auditing companies consider it necessary to record the baking cycle every six months, to which the procedure performed by us fully complies. The measurements performed at regular intervals reveal the amortization of the furnace, which allows the planning of the change of individual parts. During the procedure, it is possible to examine the entire workpiece, where the base material of the tested object does not matter.

Usually we undertake measurements upon advance booking within 5 business day on our clients' sites, depending on the availability of the measuring instrument.

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