Bond test using cross-scar method

Bond test

In the course of the measurement, we check the binding of powder lacquer coatings to the base metal. During the measurement, we make twice six cuts in direct angle down to the base metal. The distance of the six cuts is determined by the layer thickness of the coating. Accordingly, in the event the layer thickness is

  • 0-60 µm, the blade distance is 1 mm
  • 60-120 µm, the blade distance is 2 mm
  • more than 120 µm, the blade distance is 3 mm for the measurement.

Applied gauge: PIG Universal

After the making of the cuts, we put a special adhesive tape on the surface to be measured. We assess the findings after the removal of the adhesive tape and the cleaning of the surface according to the following figures.

Recommended application:

We perform the cross-cut test primarily in order to verify the bond test of powder coatings. With this, we can demonstrate that the workpieces are not amortized under proper use. Bond tests make it possible to eliminate those cases where the subject matter of a complaint concerning the coating is peeling off after the shipment of the workpiece. The result of the measurement allows the assessor to draw conclusions on the quality of the preliminary treatment and the baking.

We perform measurements typically within 1 business day on our site, or within 5 business days on the clients' sites, depending on the availability of the measuring instrument. We summarize the measurement results and deliver them to our clients in measuring logs.

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