Mandrel cylindrical bending test

Mandrel bending test

In the course of the cylindrical bending procedure, we examine the deformation and bending ability of sample plates with powder lacquer coating on a cylindrical surface. In the measurement procedure, we put the selected and cleaned standard sample plate in the Mandrel equipment and bend it on the cylindrical surface. By applying the cylindrical tool with the largest diameter first, we proceed towards the smallest diameters until cracks appear on the sample plate tested. The result of the measurement is the diameter of the tool for which there is still no crack on the sample plate. 

Recommended application:

We apply the cylindrical bending test in order to check the deformation and bending ability of workpieces after powder coating. The Mandre l procedure is an effective tool for the testing of parts made from plates. For this reason, this procedure is primarily recommended for manufacturers of stand systems, lockers, weapons, switchboards, etc. where post-forming is possible after powder lacquering. During the test, cracks on the powder lacquer surface can be effectively demonstrated. We can draw conclusions on the professional quality of the baking cycle and the preliminary treatment of the metallic surfaces. This measuring process is suitable only to verify the coating of fine plates or standard sample plates.

In the course of the measurements, we apply a Mandrel equipment manufactured by Byk-Gardner, with related tools from Æ 2 to Æ 32 in series. The measurement range of the raw of cylinders extends.... In our laboratory, we perform the test using sample plates of standard dimensions coated by our partners. We summarize the measurement results and deliver them to our clients in measuring logs.

Usually we undertake measurements upon advance booking within 1 business day in our own site, depending on the availability of the equipment.

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