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Powder coatings


The constant attention of ST Powder Coatings S.p.A. in the development of innovative and low environmental impact products has led to present the serie of high energy-saving coatings denominated EVO +.

This products line is based on river texture that are able to overcome typical problems of standard river texture coatings. These issues are:

  • River texture non-uniform on varying of thickness of the coating;
  • Sensitivity to the heating gradient;
  • Inadequate aesthetic quality at low thickness.

The standard dimpled finishes at low thicknesses, about 50-60 μm, often appear with the naked eye. This phenomenon is a non-optimal protection of the product as it is a direct protection to the substrate.

Generally, with low thickness, about 50-60 μm, the river texture powder coatings show small holes on the surface, these defects are visible also by eyes. This phenomenon implicates a low protection of the item because the thickness of the coating on the valley of the holes is very low and it is insufficient to guarantee a adequate protection to the substrate.

Instead, the new EVO+ products line allows an optimal protection of the substrate even with a thickness of 50 μm. EVO+ products do not show holes or other kind of defects.

Another important feature of this new EVO+ serie is the ability to use a curing cycle significantly lower than standard products.
In standard products the curing cycle is usually 180 °C x 20 min.. In EVO+ products, the recommended curing cycle is 150 °C x 20 min. or 140 °C x 20 min., it depends on the color.
This significant difference in terms of curing cycle entails a relevant energy savings in EVO+ products.

In conclusion, the new EVO+ products line allows:

  • better aesthetic quality than standard products, even at low thickness;
  • to create EVO+ products in all colors;
  • less sensitivity to the heating gradient than standard products;
  • better corrosion resistance than standard products;
  • comparable results after UV-B accelerated weathering tests (313 nm lamps) between polyesters EVO+ and polyester standard products;
  • cost-cut of consumptions and low environmental impact;
  • better production efficiency than standard products.

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