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E-Jet with shaking table

E-Jet with shaking table

The e-Jet is SAMES' newest manual powder coating device. Ergonomic, reliable and high-performance device that combines the best Mach-Jet E-series technologies. Its special design is designed for companies that want to further develop their powder coating equipment and increase the efficiency of operators.

The latest powder coating Mach-Jet Gun with the CRN 457 control module and the integrated DPCS system gives the powder coating an optimal charge. The operator can easily select the painting programs suitable for different shaped workpieces, which ensures perfect quality while sparingly handling the paint powder.

The integrated controls on the gun save time, because the settings can be changed while painting.

Accessible – The operating module is located at the front of the handcart, its viewing angle ensures perfect readability.
Universal – The vibrating table can accept any container currently on the market.
Efficient – ​​the powerful powder pump ensures homogeneous flow and easy transfer of the powder in the tank, thus increasing the efficiency of the process.
User-friendly - Easily adjustable air flow control: vibration, flow
Optimized - the angle of the tank allows the suction pipe to reach the lowest point of the tank. Vibration prevents dust build-up. The vibration only works when the gun is in use.
Easier handling – The reduced size equipment with four castors is easy to move.

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