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Polyester Powder Coating for Low Temperature Curing

In the last few years, the environmental sensitivity has been a crucial social issue. The studies carried out by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) have clearly and unequivocally determined that the reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions (as provided for by the Kyoto treaty) is fundamental in order to ensure a liveable world for the future generations.

The manufacturing companies must therefore use new processes and/or new materials allowing a reduction in the energy consumed and consequently in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere – a sign of great responsibility and great respect for the environment.

COOL POWDER is a polyester powder coating line suitable for polymerization starting at 140°C for “General Industrial” applications, more and more required by the market. It is characterised by:

  • good mechanical properties;
  • excellent weather and UV radiation resistance;
  • low temperature curing: starting at 140°C instead of the traditional 180°C

The low temperature curing offers three advantages:

  • Economical: the lower curing temperature with respect standard curing powders reduces energy consumption, electricity or gas, which it is necessary to bring powder coatings to complete hardening;
  • Environmental: reducing electricity or gas consumption means also reducing carbon dioxide’s emissions (carbon dioxide is considered to be the primarily responsible for the greenhouse effect by most scientists and, therefore, for the global warming of our planet);
  • Technical: the coating of thick objects , with a high thermal mass that can hardly reach 180°C in the oven, becomes easier.

The above mentioned features do not negatively impact on the general characteristics of this powder coating line. Its excellent outdoor performances are summarised in the graph below (left), which shows the gloss retention of several RAL tones in the accelerated aging test. Its mechanical properties fully meet the traditional market standards too. Some of the mechanical tests performed on these finishes are shown on figure below (right).

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